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      Isabelle Xenos LMT and Mosaic Artist

Massage Mosaic

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Feels Good to be Alive

More than using a limited technique or two, my work at Massage Mosaic in Dripping Spring, Texas includes assessing, observing, testing, hearing, and caring for you. I take a serious approach to aiding your body’s rehabilitation and reconditioning.

In order to  observe your physical state, I usually do bare hand massages and avoid using oils as much as possible. I usually begin with evaluating the range of your motion, stretching your body, and mapping your condition. After this, I create a treatment and rehabilitation plan based on your body’s needs.

Although I focus on providing medical and orthopedic massage therapy. I also perform other types of massages.

Swedish Massage

Classic effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, shaking, and vibration are the foundations for treating soft tissue, reducing pain, joint stiffness, and muscle function. My technique is thorough and focused on relieving you from pain or stress.

Sports Massage

A collection of Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), sports massage utilizes client’s active range of motion through isotonic and isometric contractions. .

I use my personal experience to perform pre- and post-event massage techniques. Through objective and subjective observation, I can recommend a course of action as to how you can alleviate your pain.

Medical Massage a greater course on;

the anatomy and physiology of the skeletal-muscular system
-study of the pathology of the skeletal-muscular system
-be able to assess client range of motion and complaints before and after therapy
-be able to determine contraindications for treatment and medical necessity for referral
-be able to design a treatment plan for Cryotherapy
-observe, receive and perform medical massage treatment
-design a client self care plan and remedial exercises
-document information
- participate as part of a health care team for client rehabilitation

After each session, I will provide you with an attentive follow-up. Then, I will create a rehabilitation exercise plan specifically designed for your case.


  • 20 Minutes (Back and Neck) - $20
  • 60 Minutes Appointment - $65
  • 90 Minutes Appointment- $95

Patient Information Form

I want to know what you are experiencing, so I can serve you better. Please download and fill out the Patient Information Form before the session.